The Man in the Tiger Mask

Ira Mukhoty

The many incarnations of Tipu Sultan

Visitation of Disruption

This is Mumbai’s karma, and forever will it remain the same

Mumbai Notebook

On Girish Karnad and competitive suffering

Flood, Mud and Blood

Water as a giver and destroyer of life is a widespread cultural norm

Mumbai Notebook

The receding tide of civic apathy

Monsoon Magic

A veteran Canadian filmmaker captures the miracle and mayhem of the Indian rains in a remarkable documentary that premiered last week at the 39th Toronto International Film Festival

For direction, wait for the next Budget

On the whole, the Budget 2014 looks remarkably similar to what the UPA government may have presented if it had returned to power

It’s Raining Rats

A killer disease returns to Mumbai

Water Politics

Poor monsoon and regional muscle-flexing flares up the Cauvery water issue, again

Did a Waning Monsoon Hit Harappa?

A new study suggests that the climate turned more arid some 4,000 years ago


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