Confessions of a Toll Booth Collector


“Some of those who drive luxury cars have no respect for smaller vehicles. I often give them torn notes to teach them a lesson.”

The Secret Ring of Private Equity

It’s money that is noiselessly and forcefully reshaping Indian business. Some $10 billion is set to come in this year, making India one of its hottest destinations.

A Fine Balance

Typical investor behaviour is at the two extremes of either doing nothing or trying too much. And it’s hard to avoid these extremes unless you know what constitutes just enough. A primer

Pride and Avarice

How the glory of wearing the India cap is rapidly being eclipsed by the greed for big bucks in slambang leagues.

In Greed We Trust

A meditation on why we Indians constantly sniff each other for clues of status, much like dogs in a park to figure out who’s on top.

Confessions of a Stock Broker

There is no such thing as an honest stockbroker


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