Middle East

Religious War Inc

Siddharth Singh

The life of an extraordinary jihadist and where it fits in the sweep of history

Sisterhood for Change

Women artists from Arab countries are raising their brushes against the status quo

Shalom Al Yisrael

A survival saga bookended by history and memory

The Victim Politics

Politics driven by industrial victimhood is hollow

India-Israel Romance: Anxiety Over the Amity

The India-Israel romance irks the Middle East a bit but it has not damaged India’s interests in the region so far

The Ideological Threat of Islam

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islam’s most daring heretic, argues for a war on Islamist missionaries

The Big Battle Over Crude Oil

Has Opec lost control of prices at long last?

The Slow Road

Friends, food and conversations

The Myth of Islamic Exceptionalism

The struggles and failures of liberalism are not religion-specific


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