Fear of the Foreigner

Patricia Mukhim

The Citizenship Amendment Act and the Northeast exceptionalism

Meghalaya: The Depth of A Tragedy

They wait for a miracle to save the workers trapped in a coal mine in Meghalaya

The New Homebodies of the Northeast

From smart advertising for local tea to promoting the perfect selfie spot under a bridge made of living roots, the young are giving rural Meghalaya a modern twist

Narendra Modi: Optimum Power

The undiminished popularity of Narendra Modi and the unmatched organisational skills of Amit Shah have made BJP India’s natural party of governance. Is India closer than ever to one-party dominance?

The Revenge of the Underclass

A historic win for BJP as the last Marxist citadel falls to a Tribal backlash

Northeast: Dividends of Geography

The terms of governance will change as the lotus blooms in the Northeast

Men’s Rights in Meghalaya

The story of a men’s liberation movement

Ostracised for Demanding Information

The courageous struggle of three women to expose corruption in a remote Meghalaya village, even as long-protected tribal traditions begin to be held to account by the Right to Information

Delivery Men

A cluster of villages in a remote corner of Meghalaya has a most unusual tradition. The midwives here are male

Why Shillong Flips for WWII Jeeps

The Second World War years linger in this hill town in strange ways, and none more unusual than in its abiding fondness for Willys jeeps


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