Lord Shiva

No One is Beyond Redemption

Bibek Debroy

How Shiva saved the incorrigible Moon

Being the Omnipresent

Encounters with the many manifestations of Shiva

The Gyan Vaapi and Kashi Vishwanath

We may have failed to do justice to the Shivalinga at the Varanasi temple

Pillars of Light

Encounters with the twelve manifestations of Shiva

The Sacred Ash

It is Shiva’s form and purifies the three worlds

From Shiva’s Fire

The depth of devotion as seen through the sacred ash

The Many Faces of Rudraksha

There is more to the sacred seed than what you read on the internet

The Harbinger of an Apocalypse

Shankhumukham portends a future when nature is ignored

The Power of Rudraksha

The Shiva Purana and the quest for liberation


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