Lord Shiva

The Key to the Kurma Purana

Bibek Debroy

Shiva makes his presence felt in an ode to Vishnu

A Story of Divine Deception

When Parvati had to perform difficult austerities on Mount Himalaya

Prelude to a Divine Wedding

Shiva and Mahadevi tie the knot to take on the demon Bhandasura

The Dance of Shiva

Bibek Debroy’s translation of the tale of creation answers some of the fundamental questions of our time

Fist of Fury

The day Parashurama’s rage cost Ganesha a tusk

Rewards of Devotion

Making a pledge that only Shiva can fulfil

The Sacred Bow

The significance of Shiva’s gift to Parashurama

The Banality of Evil

The power of Parashurama flows from devotion

An Epiphany in Ujjain

The Mahakaleshwar temple binds ancient wisdom to a resurgent India

The Hunter and the Hunted

How far Shiva will go to test the authenticity of devotion


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