Lord Shiva

The Truth about Shiva

Bibek Debroy

Perception is a function of his command and power

A Father’s Ignorance

How it strengthened a spurned daughter’s resolve

A Hunter’s Penance

Divine intervention graces forgiveness

The Divinity of Desire

Happiness and the permanent search of the compassionate

The Pursuit of Pleasure

The many rewards of seeking Rameshvara

The Divinity of Nageshvara

The boon that protected the dharma of the forest

The Price of Austerity

What lies beneath the confidence of Ravana

The Boon of Goutama

The origin of the Tryambakeshvara jyotirlingam

Kashi Consciousness

The enduring mysteries of a city

A Passage to Varanasi

The philosophy and geography of soul cleansing


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