The Evidence From Ladakh

Rajeev Deshpande

What old maps say about Chinese claims on Indian territory

Pakistan Plays the Rogue Again

India today has the political resolve to counter the permanent aggression of Islamabad

Kashmir’s Autonomy: The Valley of Flaws

The question of Kashmir’s autonomy has become a poisoned chalice

The Banality of Cruelty

Every time Pakistan does something dastardly, there is a demand for an effective Indian response. Is there another option?

Fire and Ice in Kashmir

As the LoC flares up, the Valley calms down

In the Line of Fire

We travel through villages along the LoC in Jammu & Kashmir to chronicle lives scarred by the never ending hostilities between India and Pakistan

‘Military protocol was overtaken by civilian hysteria’

A decorated infantry commander who has served on the Line of Control, speaks to Open on the politics and hysteria over dead Indian soldiers

Taliban at the Gates

A real menace. More of these fighters have slipped into Kashmir than first thought


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