Turns of Fate

Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay writes a surreal novel about a woman’s quest for meaning

Light in the Dark

A delightful and heartbreaking memoir that celebrates life

Just Feel It

The stories of disparate journeys, but with abiding memories

In One’s Own Company

Conversations with lonely people

Memories on Cue

…and shaking off the trappings of normal life

Kepler 22b

The distance of Kepler 22b from its sun places it in what is called an ‘inhabitable’ band

Longevity Lowdown

A long-term study throws up some surprises

The Fading Away of Parents

You may not have shared a great relationship with your parents. But even at the mere thought of their passing away, the world around you will collapse.

Searching for ET

Fog on Saturn’s moon Titan strengthens claims that it may hold answers to how life began on earth


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