India King: The Legacy of YC Deveshwar

Moinak Mitra

In the death of the ITC patriarch, India Inc has lost a nationalist and a stalwart of sustainable business

The Legacy War at Teen Murti

Nehru’s fans and foes come face to face over who would uphold his ideals on an unlikely turf: his official residence as prime minister

Bhondsi: Ruins of a Legacy

Is the state of his ashram in Bhondsi a reflection of how India remembers Chandra Shekhar, an original in Indian politics?

In the Name of Babasaheb

Can Ambedkar’s legacy be reduced to a political totem?

Will You Come Home?

Subhas Chandra Bose: Legend, legacy, folklore, conspiracy and the politics of hidden files

Hindu Belief: Legacy versus Destiny

For Indology to overcome its past prejudices, it must open itself to the perspectives of genuine Hindu belief

The End

Notes from a swansong

Wilful Ignorance

Urdu originated as a mix of several languages spoken during the Sultanate era in Delhi. Those who reject the language now are rejecting their own legacy

Is This Really What We Deserve?

Rahul Gandhi too, like the other Nehru-Gandhi eminences, sees the Republic as an extension of the family

The Calling of the Amtes

It is the legacy of Baba Amte. Everyone in this family—the third generation does it now—works for the weakest and most disabled in Indian society


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