The Wonder Women of Malabar

Ullekh NP

Guess who are learning the ancient martial art form Kalaripayattu in Kerala

Bihar: No Cheers

On hooch tragedies and Bihar’s failing experiment with prohibition

Green Dreams

The memoir of a Muslim girl in Kerala seeking her identity

A Moveable Feat

With some creative skills and good old-fashioned jugaad, an informal industry lifts your home and sometimes shifts it too

PFI: The Long War on Terror

The ban on PFI is the beginning of a period of legal grappling with an organisation and its associates believed to share their agenda with the Islamic State

Derailing Lives and Livelihoods

How NGOs and the Church are getting in the way of development projects in Kerala

Who Will It Be?

The Hemant Soren government could fall soon, as in Maharashtra, and then BJP would have to step in

Covid 19: The Rising Graph

In states like Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal

The Imagined Village

Khasak, the magical setting of OV Vijayan’s classic Malayalam novel, was said to be based on Thasrak. But there is more to that story

A Resigned Sigh at CPM Summit

And a warning against underestimating BJP and its sway


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