Remote Controlled

Rahul Pandita

From Bengal to Kerala, the arc of Islamist extremists taking instructions from invisible terrorist operatives

Sugathakumari (1934-2020): The Poet of Empathy

Her resolute campaign for environmental protection and the rights of women earned her the fame of an ecofeminist poet

Where Hagia Sophia and Twenty20 Matter

Political parties in Kerala unable to influence public opinion

The Scarred Megapolis

The evolution of Delhi as a city of the unfortunates comes alive in this novel by a master storyteller

The First Heroine

A fictional account of Kerala’s forgotten female Dalit actor of the 1930s

‘The tide is shifting away from male supremacy in movies,’ says Parvathy

Parvathy is done with the whataboutery of the Kerala film industry. The straightshooting actor shares her hopes and frustrations with Ullekh NP

‘You Can Hide the Most Powerful Gunpowder Within Language’

Malayalam author and screenwriter, Unni R uses satire and subtlety to talk about contemporary India. The author in conversation with Nandini Nair

The Swami and the Himalayas

The revelatory journeys of Vivekananda

The Rooster’s Revenge

An absurdly comic and uncannily contemporary novel from Kerala


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