‘You Can Hide the Most Powerful Gunpowder Within Language’

Nandini Nair

Malayalam author and screenwriter, Unni R uses satire and subtlety to talk about contemporary India. The author in conversation with Nandini Nair

The Swami and the Himalayas

The revelatory journeys of Vivekananda

The Rooster’s Revenge

An absurdly comic and uncannily contemporary novel from Kerala

Murder Most Foul: Killing Political Rivals In front of Family, Children

The recent murder of a young political worker in Kannur, north Kerala, in the presence of his sisters puts the spotlight on a ghastly tradition of revenge politics

Leave It to the Gods

What lies behind Kerala’s current chaos and people’s sense of resignation during Onam

The Legend of Nangeli

She cut off her breasts to kill the male gaze

Gold’s Own Country

A smuggling scam reveals why India needs to liberalise gold trading

For God’s Sake

By restoring the management of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple to the Travancore royal family, the Supreme Court raises the larger question of the state’s control over temples

Chronicle of a Death Not Foretold

A pregnant elephant’s horrific end leads to a political slugfest between the right and the left

How Covid-19 is stirring up Kerala’s obsession with political satire

Social media is the new home of creative political campaigns of all kinds


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