Poison Ivies

V Shoba

The recent death of a woman in Kerala by accidental poisoning brings toxic plants into focus

Setting the House In Order

As BJP takes stock of its electoral performance, the focus shifts to the selection of the next party president and toning up organisational functioning

Rising In the South

NDA makes massive inroads into Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and opens its account in Kerala

Whose Democracy Is It Anyway?

The winner is all that matters. Not the liberal noise

Travellers on Trial

Why it’s an unequal movement

Metaphorical Malayalee

A portrait of Kerala in fifty stories

Guilty Until Proven Otherwise?

On a Netflix documentary that assumes the guilt of an undertrial accused of multiple murders

The Wartime Guru

Revisiting a sage from Kerala in the time of Ukraine and Gaza

No Man’s Land

Perumal Murugan’s novel wins the JCB Prize for its depiction of displacement and movement

The Radicalisation of Kerala

Pro-Hamas mobilisations reflect the state’s political and social fissures


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