Antics and Antiquities

TP Sreenivasan

A new scam dents the image of Kerala’s elite

The Significance of Onam

Celebrating King Mahabali’s fairness and courage

Stalin as Metaphor

CP Surendran marshals powerful characters to link the old and the new

‘The relevance of the Left in India cannot be measured by poll victories alone’

Ullekh NP in conversation with Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala

The Second Coming

Health and education compel Kerala to take Left turn again

The State of the Mind

A large-scale exhibition foregrounds the individual practices of 267 artists who trace their roots to Kerala

Pinarayi Vijayan: The Invincible

Pinarayi Vijayan makes history. What makes him India’s most powerful communist leader?

The Five National Takeaways

Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, as different as they are, offer a bigger picture when considered together

Pinarayi Vijayan in the Driver’s Seat

Emboldened by its victory, the Kerala CPM will resist any bid by its central leadership to align with Congress anywhere


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