Kareena Kapoor

Clearing the Decks

Rajeev Masand

Shahid’s Non-Filmi Choices • The Lady Can Hold Her Liquor

Salman’s Sunny Side up

Former Flames Unite • Unhappy Playing Second Fiddle

A Package to Watch out for

Broken Heart Therapy • Thankless and Indifferent

The Annoying Perfectionist

The Annoying Perfectionist • Furiously Defensive • Where Real Gossip Resides

A new star on the horizon

A new star on the horizon • A curious case of inertia • An uneasy habit to break

The good wife and sister

The Good Wife and Sister • Because age is more than a number • Keeping bad company

Hedging Her Bets

Hedging Her Bets • Deepika Dearest • No Pyar without Car

What they did on V-Day

What they did on V-Day • Noble Tantrum • Our Man of Fuss

Bebo Begs Bhansali

Bebo Begs Bhansali • All Worth It • Pushing Sympathy

Running out of Patience

Running out of Patience • Save the Date • An Odd Couple Done Apart


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