Joe Biden

The Enigma of an Ending

James Astill

Twenty years after 9/11 an American President rewrites his country’s foreign policy and offers himself to popular judgment

The Remains of the War

They tell a depressing story about the moral emptiness of power

The Quiet Unamerican

Biden’s Out-of-Afghanistan is a crime against civilisation

The End of Pax Americana

The US has grievously hurt its international credibility with a self-inflicted defeat and humiliation in Afghanistan. Its enemies can only be celebrating. The security and humanitarian disaster that the Biden administration has unleashed in Afghanistan will likely unravel whatever is left of American primacy

Farewell Kabul, We Hardly Knew Ye

America has squandered $2 trillion and thousands of lives trying to rebuild Afghanistan. Yet it never seemed to understand it

Neutrality at Play

No breakthrough, no hostility at Geneva Summit

All Sound and No Fury at G7

Never has the master control switch of the world been so difficult to operate

The Sense of an Ending

The optics of America’s pullout from an unwinnable war in Afghanistan

The Dream Work of America

The myth of the indispensable nation

A New Uncertainty

The momentum towards deeper US-India strategic collaboration could slow if Joe Biden’s foreign policy returns to an accommodationist approach towards China


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