Joe Biden

The Atmospherics

Reshmi Dasgupta

Will millet pudding with apricot compote shift the epicurean focus from DC to Delhi? Neither monkeys nor naysayers’ gripes about food and décor could spoil the party

At Home In the World

India makes a statement of power from the global forum of G20 by offering its human-centric and pragmatic approach as the best hope for solving problems from debt burdens to climate change

A Note on the G20 Absentees

Why G20-minus-two works better for the world

The Global Dividend

A survey shows wide youth support for the Modi government’s foreign policy

The Biden-Modi Connection

Biden has been far less ‘ideological’ than many other US presidents and sees a genuine need to build common ground with India

Swaying to Modiplomacy

With this visit Modi and Biden have publicly owned the relationship and marked it as a memo to the world

Modi-Joey Bhai Bhai

The strategic calculation that underlies America’s great enthusiasm for India

The US Has Recognised India As an Equal Partner

Breakthrough deals in defence and tech have transformed the relationship


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