Joe Biden

The Global Punching Bag?

Minhaz Merchant

The West knows it must humour India, but not too much

The Ukraine Effect

The war may exacerbate geopolitical and economic fragmentation

India’s America Test

How to survive the new US-led unilateralism

How Putin Has United America

Joe Biden is playing a convincing role in the crisis—for scant political reward

Is This the Beginning of A New World Order?

America sought the impossible, Russia the unattainable

The New Cold War Begins

Joe Biden’s Containment 2.0 seeks to employ economic tools to undermine the Russian state. The strategy could prove counterproductive and divide the global economy into two competitive blocs. It will also raise international tensions and worsen America’s strategic overstretch

Woke Americana

The uses and abuses of the extreme new progressivism

The Wealth of Ideals

In truly free societies wealth-creation is a guilt-free act

Edward Luttwak Wants Indian Forces to Learn ‘Hiring’ from Israel

Emulate IDF which recruits even autistic candidates to utilise their special talent, says acclaimed American military scholar

Diplomatic Cover

A case of vaccination certificate


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