Joe Biden

Modi at G20

Siddharth Singh

India’s concerns about abjuring war for diplomatic solutions to conflict and its growing unease at Russia have been reflected in the group’s summit declaration in Bali

The Battle for America

Why Donald Trump, still a favourite to win the Republican ticket in 2024, is the biggest loser in the US midterm election which has not brought about the expected red wave

Going Back to the Roots

India must reclaim its universal and ancient narrative

Why Modi Cautioned Putin

Modi’s remarks and Putin’s careful response suggest that both countries understand what is at stake

Who Will Call the End?

On the resistance to the US president saying the pandemic is over

Ukraine War: How the West Shot Itself in the Foot

Sanctions are hurting its own economies without stopping Russia’s war machine

The Boomerang War

How Vladimir Putin has exploited the liberal disorder and survived the sanctions

America After Roe vs Wade

Conservative judges have inflamed the culture war by scrapping the constitutional right to abortion

The Global Punching Bag?

The West knows it must humour India, but not too much

The Ukraine Effect

The war may exacerbate geopolitical and economic fragmentation


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