Jawaharlal Nehru

Showcasing Democracy

Makarand R Paranjape

The future of the Prime Ministers’ Museum and Library

A Lexicon for New India

Deciphering the nature of the nation

Resilient Republic

India as an enduring story of democracy

NMML: All in a Name

Is it time to call NMML the Prime Ministers’ Museum and Library?

In Praise of Civic Nationalism

India has survived all the stresses and strains that have beset it for over seven decades because it maintained consensus on how to manage without consensus

A Muslim PM

Why it’s unlikely in the near future

‘I have written on Ambedkar in good faith’

Shashi Tharoor’s latest book, Ambedkar: A Life, dwells on the scholar-politician’s trials and tribulations, achievements and associations, and his differences with leaders of the stature of Gandhi and Nehru

BR Ambedkar: Flawed Genius

In a new biography of Ambedkar, Shashi Tharoor gets a measure of the constitutionalist and nation-builder, contending that an honest survey of Ambedkar’s life and its impact needs to also look at those faults for which he can be legitimately criticised without taking away from his greatness

Misplaced Nostalgia

The Commonwealth has little value for India

Jawaharlal Nehru: The Man and the Myth

The rediscovery of Jawaharlal Nehru


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