Ajit Duara

It is more an experience in the language of cinema, than it is a story of character and plot

Jallikattu: A Red Rag to a Bull

A year after unprecedented protests over banning jallikattu that pitted cultural traditionalists against animal rights activists, the rural sport has become a youthful rebellion

Animal Instincts Go National

The many dimensions of the taming of bulls


While Tamil Nadu is busy preparing for the sport, the Supreme Court has played the proverbial wet blanket by issuing a stay order on the Centre’s notification lifting the ban on it

The Case for Evicting Ganpati

If God is everywhere, he doesn’t need to be on the streets

The Horns of a Cultural Dilemma

With the uncertainty surrounding jallikattu, a bull-baiting sport associated with harvest rituals that was banned by the Supreme Court last year, sentiments run high in rural Tamil Nadu


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