Soldier, at Unease

Deepa Bhasthi

A young Israeli man’s struggle against institutions, society and himself

The Pegasus Files

The Israeli company NSO’s spyware is in the news in India for all the wrong reasons

Shalom Al Yisrael

A survival saga bookended by history and memory

The Israeli Connection

There is more to Balakot than the numbers

The Road to Jerusalem

The future of the Biblical city has been clouded by further anxiety, even foreboding, by the Trump declaration

India-Israel Romance: Anxiety Over the Amity

The India-Israel romance irks the Middle East a bit but it has not damaged India’s interests in the region so far

The MoBi Moment

New Delhi has broken diplomatic taboos by embracing Israel as an intimate partner but it also wants to stay committed to traditional Middle East allies

Open Diary

A visit to the UN, the Oxbridge and the EU dilemma

Mumbai Notebook

The power of mentalist

When Modi Comes to Zion

Modi joins Israel in realising that the Palestinian struggle today is more Islamic than nationalistic 


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