Islamic militancy

The Khorasan Bug

Rahul Pandita

The dismantling of an Islamic state module in Kashmir reveals how its handlers were planning to integrate recruitment across the Indian Subcontinent

Kashmir’s New Insurgency

Why security forces may find it hard to stop minority killings

1990 in Kashmir 2021?

What lies behind the spate of minority killings in the Valley

Towers of Babel

From Islam to jihad to portraits of the mastermind, a select 9/11 bibliography

The Usual Suspects

What the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan means for terrorism in India

The Axis of Jihad

Why the war on terror is failing

Advertisement for Faith

How come in none of the 50-odd Islamic countries there is internal peace?

The Temptations of History

Afghanistan was never a viable nation-state and is unlikely to be one in future. The roots of the Afghan chaos are to be found in the country’s divisions

The Emirate of Hate

Rooted in the medieval mindset of the barely lettered, the Taliban draw their staying power from the coalition of clans, ready supplies of cash and a cosiness provided by a mindful neighbour


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