In the Visitor’s Shadow

Mini Kapoor

Is tourism the most important industry of the century?

The Sudden Death of Restaurants: Table for None

Restaurants and hotels might not ever fully recover

Better Days Are Ahead

Investment is recovering and so will the economy

The Economy: How Bad Is It?

With necessary reforms, India can ride out the storm

The Truth About Tuticorin

Polluters must pay, but still...

‘There are segments that need government support. That is the philosophy behind the Budget,’ says Arun Jaitley

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his first interaction with industry leaders after the budget

A Budget for Bharat

In the year before the general election the finance minister did what was expected.

Lessons Well Earned

Meet two of India’s new breed of education entrepreneurs: Lovely group and the Chitkaras. They’ve learnt their lessons without many degrees, and know how to cater to their market, be it the students or their potential employers

Clouds on the Horizon

The Indian infotech industry is under intense pricing pressure globally. It may even have to rethink its very business model


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