Being Free to Be Free

Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Let neither fear nor community piety usurp our freedom

All About My Mother

Krishna Bose witnessed the ecstasy as well as the agony of freedom. Her memoirs, now translated into English by her son Sumantra Bose, chronicle history's passion play

Why He Still Matters

MJ Akar • Pratap Bhanu Mehta • Swapan Dasgupta • Sunanda K Datta-Ray •Tunku Varadarajan • Priyamvada Gopal • Madhav Khosla • Yusuf Ahmad Ansari • Sumantra Bose • Sunil Raman

First a Democrat, Then a Socialist

What would Nehru have done if he were alive today, amidst the war between modernity and religiosity?

Decolonisation of the Mind

A question for Lord Macaulay’s children

My Father the Fanatic

One man sacrificed his freedoms to be part of a global underground movement to liberate India. It failed. A daughter remembers

Images of Liberty

Freedom appears in strange forms in strange places in unexpected and insidious ways. We asked our team of photographers to interpret the concept, well, freely

Life after a Life Sentence

Some of them spent their best years in prison. They were young when they went in and middle-aged when they were released. Some are still serving time. What does freedom mean to such people? Here it is in their own words

Untidy Love

An action-packed narrative of marriage, divorce, family pressure and clever manipulation on all sides, of tears and words followed by hugs and kisses.


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