Sunil Khilnani


Political scientist and author

Dipankar Gupta

Sociologist and author

Writ With Guilt

Katharina Volckmer’s debut novel explores Germany’s historical baggage in a personal and political way

India’s Counterfeit Elite

Unformed and inept, it should be consigned to history

The Politics of Empathy

The virtuous, whether left or right or liberal or progressive, needs to be a bit more empathic in the understanding of the other

The Legitimacy Police

The politics of illegitimacy has lost its ideological custody rights

Trump Vs. Non-Trump

The US presidential election has nothing to do with Joe Biden

Left, Right and Nowhere

Who’s more fascist than the other?

The Trial Then And Now

The polemics and pedagogy of The Trial of the Chicago 7

Trump And What Could Have Been

Where the revenge of the outsider has not enhanced freedom but diminished it


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