Politics on a Pedestal

Roderick Matthews

A deconstruction of the statue culture

Martin Amis: ‘It is Very Satisfying—Killing People’

Martin Amis talks about Donald Trump’s sexuality and Islamic fanaticism

The Persistence of Evil

Timothy Snyder’s new book revisits the charred remains of the Jewish tragedy—and the Nazi horror—with a deeper understanding of the present and its fault lines

Guess who’s in search of the Führer

Rahul’s Hitler invocation is in tune with the lazy intellectual tradition of our undergraduate radicals and peanut socialists

When Hitler Took a Bow

Shantigopal Pal rewrote jatra history by taking Hitler, Lenin and Marx to Bengal’s villages. As he takes his final bow, it’s time for a standing ovation.

My Name Is Hitler

A second-hand bookseller in Mumbai dreams everyday of liberating himself from his name


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