London’s First Muslim Mayor: Khan and the Colour Quotient

Lance Price

The election of London’s first Muslim Mayor and race and politics in Britain

On the Kumbh Waterfront

Holy dip or drinking water—it should be easy for a government to choose

Hindu Belief: Legacy versus Destiny

For Indology to overcome its past prejudices, it must open itself to the perspectives of genuine Hindu belief

Handloom saris: From hand to hearth

The signature handloom sari survives with the help of the much debated Handloom Reservation Act. Open visits the famous weavers’ hub of Chanderi to get a glimpse of the making of a masterpiece—and the woes of the weavers

The Books of Civilisation

The Murty Classical Library of India is a love marriage of delicious elegance between new money and old glory

Retreat of the Rabble Rouser

Sadhvi Rithambara of Ramjanmabhoomi fame has dedicated herself to a new Hindu cause—a home for the homeless and a Durga temple

Godhra Tales

At ground zero of one of independent India’s most convulsive events, the Hindu-Muslim relationship is not as vexed as many fear

Not as Old as You Think

…nor very Hindu either. There is telling evidence to debunk this nationalistic myth

Whose India Is It Anyway?

Indians are diverse, but their narrower identities do not obliterate their larger ‘Hindu’ identity


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