The Biden-Modi Connection


Biden has been far less ‘ideological’ than many other US presidents and sees a genuine need to build common ground with India

GST is Here to Stay

Its basic structure will endure

A Bold Bet

If there were to be a single line in which the 2022-23 Union Budget could be described it would be that it is a bold bet on India’s growth in the years ahead

The Democratic Pace of Reforms

Slow and steady change, with reasonable consensus, is more durable

A Return to Gujarat Model

A seamless transition from Gandhinagar to New Delhi

Economy: The Restart

The economy is on the rebound—but a full recovery needs investment growth and people spending with confidence

A Song for the Unsung

In doubling the allocation for MSMEs, the budget has recognised their potential in creating employment and boosting growth

Waiting for the Stimulant

Vaccination and restoration of mobility can enable the government to undertake a fiscal stimulus without fear of wasting money

The Twin Engines of Revival

The government now has the resources and the manoeuvrability to spend its way out of the crisis

Points of Inflection

A magisterial survey of India’s volatile growth story


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