In Govinda’s Dreams

Rajeev Masand

As the Wind Blows | Sure Bet

Grumbler No 1

Image Defying Leap | A Deliberate Lapse of Memory

Happy Ending

A dull romcom and an even duller parody of the genre, this film falls dead flat

Kill Dil

It has a few witty lines, but its predictable plot and forgettable characters let it down

Many Faces of Reincarnation

Govinda’s Comeback Mantra • The Secret Couch Unveiled

The Outsider

Hard worker, Govinda fan, Kareena agnostic, non-reader, big dreamer and former chubby kid—Ranveer Singh is an unexpected movie star, and the surprise is entirely pleasant

No Concessions for Friends

No Concessions for Friends • Much Too Media Shy • Enemies Turned Lovebirds


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