When the Goddess Goes to War

Bibek Debroy

Choose your enemy wisely — and get the right bow

When Gods Invoke the Goddess

The threat from demons compels them to recite Lalitaa’s prayer

A Canvas of Empowerment

Bengal and its pandals during Durga Puja

The Divine Mango

It is more than a delicious fruit, for it is sacred, even a goddess

The Divinity of Creation

Invoking the Goddess for protection

The Eternal Goddess

Manifestations of Devi in the Markandeya Purana

The Price of Love

Mahisha’s obsession with the Goddess Devi and the pitfall

Scent of a Woman

How Mahisha was conquered by love

Kali Meets Loki

Emily Hennessey brings together myths from across the world to spin a compelling yarn

Kama Rajya

Independence through eroticism


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