The Price of Love

Lakshmi Bayi

Mahisha’s obsession with the Goddess Devi and the pitfall

Scent of a Woman

How Mahisha was conquered by love

Kali Meets Loki

Emily Hennessey brings together myths from across the world to spin a compelling yarn

Kama Rajya

Independence through eroticism

The Saint and the Sinner

Recent protests in Tamil Nadu against a lyricist’s ‘belittlement’ of the mystic poet Andal do little justice to the spirit of her verses

From Chennai with Love

Goddesses and divas populate this first fiction

Love and Language

Poet-saint Andal’s work proves that she regards the body a site of the sacred as much as the soul

Jai Angrezi Devi Maiyya Ki

Can the enshrinement of English as a goddess help Dalits overcome their hardships? Good question.


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