The Great Wall Against China

Shashi Tharoor

The new balance of power after BRICS expansion

War and Fear

The old danger has returned as the most potent threat to global security

A Modern Crusade?

The ancient roots of today’s battle in Gaza

The Blaze of Gaza

The Israel-Hamas war is essentially a great-power conflict that pits two coalitions against each other like Ukraine war

Gaza of the Mind

The redundancy of moral choices influenced by ideology

Look Who’s Seeking the Final Solution Now

Hamas has committed a crime against humanity. Peace cannot be Israel’s responsibility alone

A Natural Partnership

Prime Minister Modi’s unambiguous support for Israel identifies the Jewish state as a friend in need while the global condemnation of Hamas’ terror reflects India’s core concerns

United By Grief

My Indian friends find it difficult to understand our choice to stay put and fight. We do not abandon ship in troubled waters. That’s the Israeli spirit

‘Israel will aim to destroy Hamas’ military capabilities’

In conversation with Israeli political scientist and army veteran Dr Ahron Bregman


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