GDP growth

Breaking the Shackles

Siddharth Singh

The government’s immediate problem is finding the resources to meet multiple demands for money

The Cost of Orthodoxy

The current monetary policy framework, executed with textbook precision, will not meet the goal of both inflation targeting and growth

Growth in the Time of Corona

What should India’s economic priorities be during and in the aftermath of Covid-19?

Create a special fund to make MSMEs smarter

The move will help revive the industry and achieve the government’s goal of becoming a $5 trillion economy

The Debt to Narasimha Rao

Whether he is honoured with the title or not, he is a Bharat Ratna

Breaking Free

A radical shift in India's economic evolution

The Coming Storm

A dramatic shift in the way we work and consume

The Millennial Fix

Lower taxes mean more liquidity for the young and restless

Economic Realism

The Government has finally given up excessive populism and its dread of the suit-boot label

A Political Gamble

An unusual strategy for growth


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