GDP growth

The Coming Storm

Moinak Mitra

A dramatic shift in the way we work and consume

The Millennial Fix

Lower taxes mean more liquidity for the young and restless

Economic Realism

The Government has finally given up excessive populism and its dread of the suit-boot label

A Political Gamble

An unusual strategy for growth

The Fear of Imports

India needs a new paradigm on trade

Budget 2020: The Right Course

Budget 2020 marks a break from the phase of expediency and presents the first draft of a coherent economic philosophy

A Flawed Argument

The use of non-economic factors to explain India’s economic troubles does not square with the facts

Points of Inflection

A magisterial survey of India’s volatile growth story

Will Power

Political inclination is needed to find solutions to the slowdown

Populists in the Marketplace

Every economic cycle sows the seeds of its own demise, so the present one, too, shall pass


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