GDP growth

The Threat to the Gig Economy

Rameesh Kailasam

Duplication of social security benefits by states can end up harming a viable model

A connected world, a shared future

The B20 Summit paves the way for collective transformation, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Tax: The Middle Class Momentum

Tax data shows greater compliance in filing returns and a steady rise in incomes across India

The Power Point

India is a sensible bet for the West to counter China

Getting Better

Two major reports show a dramatic decline in the number of poor across India and the trend is likely to continue

Bigger Than a Back Office

The rapid expansion of global capacity centres in India is marked by innovation and high tech that can fuel growth and raise incomes

Swaying to Modiplomacy

With this visit Modi and Biden have publicly owned the relationship and marked it as a memo to the world

High Spirits

India sustains employment and investment despite slower global growth

Fragile Five to First Five

India is set to be the third largest economy by 2026

Betting on India

Nine transformative years have given the country a structural makeover and changed global perceptions


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