GDP growth

The Wealth of Well-Being

Ashish Kumar

India should use its G20 presidency to help develop an index that complements GDP and better estimates a country’s economic health

‘Labour indicators are better than pre-pandemic times and we have added jobs’

The government is making extensive efforts to map employment and this includes the informal economy with a new emphasis on gig workers, the Union minister of labour and employment tells Open

The Book of Jobs

Held back by the pandemic for two years, recruitment has gained momentum again. It is driving the Indian growth story

Thunder from the East

As the scars of the pandemic disappear, the Indian economy proves robust enough to overtake Britain’s

The Rediscovery of India

Modi has shown the country how to dream big and believe in itself and that there is no contradiction between owning an ancient civilisational heritage and becoming a 21st century technological power

PM Modi’s push for key agri reforms, diversification at NITI CMs meet

The NITI Aayog’s meeting was another occasion for the states to demand more resources while building a case for meaningful reforms was left to the Centre

A Solution for No Problem

Population as a reason for India’s backwardness is a perpetual bugbear

Reforms and Resilience

The government will not abandon its ambitious spending plans despite inflation and war

A 2047 Template

An upper middle-income India is possible in 25 years

End of the Easy Money Era

The crisis of global inflation is only beginning


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