Freedom Issue 2021

75 Names of Freedom

Siddharth Singh and Amita Shah

Together, from north to south and east to west, they forged the iron framework of a social, cultural, political, economic, intellectual and educational foundation for the new nation of India

The Earthspinner

An excerpt from award-winning author Anuradha Roy’s forthcoming novel

Moments in Arts and Sports of Independent India

No country can be contained in 75 moments, but these remain milestones of the work in progress

Certitudes of the Centre

The art and architecture of domination

Sweat and Tears

An integral part of the anti-colonial narrative, football is a story of our missed tryst with destiny

Spies are Forever

The thrills of going undercover

The Empire Sings Back

How East met West over ragas, experimental compositions and strains of the violin and the harmonium

The Utility of Duty

Its virtues are self-evident but fundamental duties became part of India as fundamental rights were taken away and that was no coincidence

The Indian Rate of Reform

Establishing a new business, choosing what to consume and relatively lower taxes are still ideologically suspect


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