A Healthy Tradition

Madhavankutty Pillai

In an earlier age, India looked at exercise as more than fitness for the sake of fitness

Fitness Goes Viral

Online workouts, motion sensor technology and the outdoors are transforming our ideas of exercise

Home Marathon

The reinvention of the long-distance runner

Walk into Sunshine

...instead of taking excessive doses of vitamin D

Fast Forward: Is Fasting Good for Health?

Intermittent fasting finds takers in India as a fitness regimen

The Fit Community of Fat Eaters

The Indian environment militates against a Low Carbohydrate High Fat lifestyle but a small number of adherents still find it worthwhile

Recon Jet

Smart eyewear for fitness enthusiasts and those who love the outdoors

IPL: Body Blow

Without the tri-colour in play, does it really matter who wins or loses an IPL game? Is playing in the IPL worth jeopardising a player’s fitness and prospects for international matches?

Confessions of a Gym Instructor

“When women wear low-cut tees, we try to ensure there are no bending or stretching exercises. Such women keep finding excuses to touch the instructor.”


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