The Father of the Bride-to-be

Sonali K

In India, he could be a factory-manufactured creature, identical in all essentials

The Survivors

The lives of Aarushi Talwar’s family and friends

‘You Are My Illegitimate Father’

For six years, he has fought in court to be recognised as ND Tiwari’s son. Any day now, Rohit Shekhar will learn the results of the DNA test

His Father’s Ghost

There is no doubt about Aatish Taseer’s skills as a writer, but there’s a limit to how much one can read about his troubled relationship with his father

My Father, Nirad Chandra Chaudhuri

Photojournalist Dhruva N Chaudhuri recounts the delight his father took in his practised eccentricity

My Father the Fanatic

One man sacrificed his freedoms to be part of a global underground movement to liberate India. It failed. A daughter remembers


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