Akbar Padamsee: Body of Work

Rosalyn D’Mello

Akbar Padamsee has discovered a new colour and it adds an extra dimension to the structural compositions of his canvas

The Fall of Man

When our favourite artists are cast as predators, what do we do with their art? Shreevatsa Nevatia on the dilemma

Poet as Pathologist

Gieve Patel’s cityscapes are both a celebration and a defence of Mumbai

The Colour of Life

The Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli hobnobbed with Picasso and Chagall in the 60s. He’s now painting flowers in Moscow. Shaikh Ayaz asks him why

The Naked and the Nude

Arpita Singh’s work derives its meaning from her amazement with the mundane

Joining the Dots

Movements and conversations of modern Indian art

Dark Metal

Getting lost in fractured landscapes

Life In Stanzas

Kabir is the new cool and lunch has become verse

Koumarane Valavane: Playing with the Past

Koumarane Valavane draws his dramatic inspiration from Dravidian cultural history


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