Audio Ga Ga

Kaveree Bamzai

The spoken word rises, from protest sites to poetry festivals, making poets, podcasters and storytellers of us all

The City of Perpetual Pursuit

Between Bombay and Mumbai, reel by reel

Nothing is Sacred

Playing to the Google generation’s gallery

Ghosts of the Jazz Age

One Hundred Years After the Roaring Twenties

The Originals

Films and series that defied the received wisdom of storytelling

Playing with Mozart

An unusual Western Classical duo injects fun into their concerts

Bigg Boss Is a Small Picture of India

Bigg Boss has been quite ahead of the curve in depicting minorities of all kinds

Fawad Fever

The soft power of the East at play

This Is Us

Digital platforms have changed the way India produces and consumes entertainment. Expect to see more of us—crazy, rich, poor, sane us—on our smartphone screens soon

Game of Thrones Over

Why this was the best of all possible worlds


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