Local Luther and More

Tatsam Mukherjee

Made in Heaven Season 2 | Scam 2003 | Panchayat Season 2 | Heeramandi | Rudra: The Edge of Darkness

The Mughal Fetish

In one of their enduring obsessions, Hindi shows and films either exoticise or vilify Muslim rulers

The New Game Theory

How young India is shaping the next big frontier in entertainment

The Real Thrill

Movies and online streaming shows are dipping into real life characters for drama, action and suspense

Happy Hours

The celebratory and introspective spirit of drunkenness on screen

The Future of Entertainment

The pandemic has changed the art and mart of movies. Forever?

The Corona Screen Test

The industry needs to use this period to introspect, to see what the post-Covid-lockdown audience wants to watch

Title Rolls

With title sequences becoming more visually inventive, motion designers reveal the value of their craft

Bride, Groom, Action

The social realism of Indian wedding shows

Hello Hallyu

The hold of K-drama on urban millennials


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