Emmanuel Macron

Beyond Biden XO

S Prasannarajan

The East-West divide in gerontocracy

At Home In the World

India makes a statement of power from the global forum of G20 by offering its human-centric and pragmatic approach as the best hope for solving problems from debt burdens to climate change

The Global Dividend

A survey shows wide youth support for the Modi government’s foreign policy

A Question of Equality

The French riots show a diminutive Macron before Modi’s visit

French Leave

Macron may not speak for Europe but he made his case in China

Air India: The Sky Is the Limit

Air India’s 470-plane deal with Airbus and Boeing mirrors the economic and diplomatic power of new India

The World Has a Ball

We could learn something from football. Break the law and there will be a stern penalty. That keeps the game credible

Emmanuel Macron: Mr Europe

A divided France and a delighted EU await the re-elected president


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