The Law’s Big Flaw

Madhavankutty Pillai

A Supreme Court judgment on Section 498A puts husbands at the peril of divorce lawyers again

After the Talaq

Muslim personal law in the age of the diminished cleric

Open Diary

Religion, law and a run-in with Aadhaar

Anatomy of a Divorce

A day in the life of a Sharia court

It’s Still A Man’s World

And the struggle must go on

Female Qazis: Raising the Bar

India’s pioneering female qazis are pushing for a gender-neutral interpretation of Muslim law

Waiting Forever to Break Free

The agony of getting a divorce without mutual consent in India

Look Who’s Afraid of Dostana-II

Look Who’s Afraid of Dostana-II • Salman Intervenes. Again • Third Divorce and a Wedding

How Not To End Up Divorced

Adultery used to be the leading threat to marital peace, but then someone complicated everything by inventing the World Cup. Here’s a survival guide for those at risk.


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