What Yogi Did Right

The Adityanath government has steered Uttar Pradesh away from its reputation as a laggard. From vaccination to ease of doing business, women’s safety to building infrastructure, the state is increasingly leading the way

Tailored for the Occasion

The Budget prioritises measures that will take the Indian economy out of its current tail-spin

Advantage Adityanath

As the chief minister’s approval ratings rise, the divided opposition in Uttar Pradesh is scrambling for the anti-BJP vote

The Endgame in Bastar

Maoists are running out of places to hide

PV Narasimha Rao: In Praise of an Internationalist

Revisiting PV Narasimha Rao’s foreign policy in his centenary year

The End of Emotionalism

Development is the only alternative

An Inclusive Ascent

Unlike the US and China, India is likely to emerge as the world’s first development superpower

Being Doubtful in a Secular World

The history of Indian disbelief adds a wrinkle to the story of modernity

The Asian Dream

Deepak Nayyar’s masterly deconstruction of a continent’s growth story


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