The Panglossian Years

Bibek Debroy

For those who bothered to look, the problems with planning were always clear

The Fall of Eden

The arc of India’s descent from Jawaharlal Nehru to Narendra Modi

Planning Omissions

Early Indian economic thinking was stuck between the too big and the too small

Between Freedom and Control

The internal struggle of Central planning

Mumbai Notebook

The Coastal Road project

Straining At the Fringes

Away from the humdrum of noisy electioneering, on three edges of the country—Kashmir, the Assam border and the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh—democracy faces different varieties of disenchantment that are hard to undo

Planning the Future

The trajectory of state interventions in history

India Needs a National Plantation Policy

For sustainability in agriculture as well as business, Kerala’s plantations need to achieve economies of scale

Minimum Opacity

Urban reforms aren’t only about an alphabet soup of acronyms

Bastar: Guns and Roads

After nearly two decades of violence, Bastar now has a semblance of normalcy but this has more to do with individual choices than ideological leanings


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