A Single Unified MCD

Virendra Kapoor

Restoring order in the functioning of the capital city of India

Delhi Reunited

A reunification of the corporations

Out of the Mask

The marker that divides the pandemic and post-pandemic eras

Calcutta, As It Was

Lord Curzon’s enduring monument to the British Raj

Hanging in the Air

Delhi’s pollution is part of a larger problem facing India for which short-term solutions are no answer

Delhi and Lahore

The prologue to Partition

Capital Cabal

A portrait of class dynamics and social change in Delhi

Durga’s Rockers

In the eighties, a group of Bengali musicians lit up Delhi. Shaswata Kundu Chaudhuri tracks down the original members of Niharika and revels in their original timeless compositions

Heritage and Nostalgia

Why can’t we be bold about the Central Vista project?

A Longing for Home

We are suffering from a collective affliction called nostalgia


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