Delhi University

Gurmehar Kaur, Student


Girl Uninterrupted

The Principal and the Principles of St Stephen’s

An iconic college and its defender amidst a storm of accusations and evasions

DU Admissions: Cut-Off and Cut-Throat

The heartbreak caused by high cut-offs at Delhi University sustains an entire sub-economy of personal therapy, career apps and Twitter spam

Educating Ms Smriti Irani

Has the education minister put the Prime Minister’s modernisation agenda in jeopardy?

Saying No to St Stephen’s

Why rejecting one of the country’s premier educational institutes has had a long-lasting effect on me

Disabled Unfriendly

Delhi University out to evict a disabled professor from his quarters

To Copy or Not to Copy

A question not so easily settled on Delhi University’s campus

Confessions of a DU Student

“I made quite a bit of money, so I carried it on till my last year in college. I sold every question paper at Rs 3,000 per buyer”

Three Hundred Ramayanas

The essay Delhi University deemed unfit for its students


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