Valiantly in the Valley

Open photographer Ashish Sharma spends six days in Kashmir with CRPF’s elite commando unit Valley QAT which has the distinction of zero civilian casualties in 42 operations

The Humanitarian Dividend

Even in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, the Indian imprint is better received and its record for genuine and prompt assistance is among the best in the world

Kashmir’s New Insurgency

Why security forces may find it hard to stop minority killings

The Endgame in Bastar

Maoists are running out of places to hide

Back to Kashmir

The post-Balakot story has many variations

The Last and Lost War of Pakistan

Pulwama borrows from a history of deception and subversion

Kashmir: Josh Gone Awry

Brashness inspired by a Hindi film cannot help in Kashmir

The Blind Men of the Home Ministry

CRPF soldiers fighting insurgents on the ground reveal a horror story of official ignorance and apathy

Is It the End of the Road for Maoists?

The Road to Jagargunda: The Indian state’s final push in the Maoist heartland. A special report from Dantewada (Photos: Raul Irani)


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