Only If You Believe In Miracles

Madhavankutty Pillai

On the Vatican finding a new saint from India

Truth and Faith

The Places of Worship Act stands in the way of reclamation of religious sites of one community allegedly occupied by another. Its constitutional validity was waiting to be challenged

Conversion Terror

The move to turn a gurdwara into a mosque further reveals Pakistan’s suppression of minorities

The Truth about Love Jihad

The dangers of conversion by other means

Between Love and Jihad in Kerala

The ordeal of Akhila-Hadiya

Nothing Is Sacred

Mohan Bhagwat’s criticism of Mother Teresa and the debate that followed bring out the twisted logic of Indian liberals

The RSS Position

The contradiction of expecting selfless service from Mother Teresa

Of Conversion and Reversion

The religious dichotomies that explain the Hindus’ homecoming


Why Hindutva’s street fighter refuses to deviate from his cause

Back to Dharma

A godman claims that 7,000 Sindhis have converted to Christianity in the past two years. And he is hell-bent on getting them back.


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