colonial India

Snapshots of History

Priyanka Sacheti

The colonial past of India through postcards

The Crown and India

Hindi movies celebrate the longest-reigning Queen but condemn her empire

The First Draft

An account of the modern world through the history of written constitutions

Imperial Inheritance

Has the empire been the default model for global governance?

A Courtesan’s Tale

A journalistic exercise on tawaifs, which also provides a history of sexuality, secularism and ‘propriety’ in India

Stripping Mountbatten’s Halo

Enough thorns in The Crown to nail India’s last Viceroy

The forgotten third chamber of Parliament

It was a ‘never before, never since’ Assembly in world history

Saga of Strife

The slow but steady transformation of the East India Company from a trading entity to a ruling body in India

The Spice Route

What’s it about Thalassery biryani


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