Invitation to a Chaos

Madhavankutty Pillai

The fallout of extending Assam’s failed NRC policy to the rest of the country

Beyond Insiders and Outsiders

An astute analysis of identity and belonging in Assam

The NRC and Assam’s Deliverance

The NRC process, by all accounts, has been a mess. But the NRC remains as significant as ever for Assam

What’s Next in Assam?

The overwhelming demand for updating the National Register of Citizens represents an almost Darwinian struggle of a people to preserve their identity. A journey through the fault lines of Assam

The Englishman Who Wants to Be Indian

Besotted with the idea of India, Daivid Hopkins even went on a hunger strike to secure Indian citizenship, but in vain

Six Simple Ways to Get a Green Card

A guide on how to make the US your new home, real quick


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