BS Yeddyurappa

Not a Bluff This Time

Anil Budur Lulla

Yeddyurappa’s threat to break away from the BJP

Appeasement of All, Justice for None

First Gujarat, then Karnataka. As the BJP succumbs to pressure from one state leader after another, how long can its centre hold?

Now the BJP Finds Its Centre Can’t Hold

The BJP’s troubles in Karnataka are set to worsen, as Yeddyurappa gears up for the next Assembly election in the state

The Land Mine Explodes

Karnataka’s illegal mining scam has claimed its Chief Minister. But, with so many people involved, it will be a long while before the dust settles

The Tearful CM

Tears, black magic and trips to the temple have dominated BS Yeddyurappa’s three years in office. But will he last now?

BJP’s Catch-22

The BJP has succumbed to pressure and let Yeddyurappa stay.

The Bellary Alarum

The BJP is riven again as the Reddy brothers bay for the head of Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa. Earthy interests lie at the heart of their rebellion


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