BS Yeddyurappa

Narendra Modi: Still the Unchallenged

PR Ramesh

Karnataka adds to the aura of Modi on his fourth anniversary in office

A Vicarious Win for Modi

A complacent Congress and a hortatory Hindutva campaign make way for the BJP in Karnataka

All Eyes on Raj Bhavan

As BJP and JD-S vie to form Karnataka’s government, the Congress has lessons to learn in defeat

BJP Emerges Victor

But a Congress-JD(S) coalition may be on the cards

Final Call in Karnataka: A Wave or a Goodbye?

The BJP bets on Modi magic and caste arithmetic to beat a popular chief minister

An Embarrassment of Saffron Riches

The famous Reddy brothers and other worthies of oversized reputations make the mining district of Ballari a site of titanic clashes

Karnataka Elections 2018: Close Encounter

Karnataka 2018 could be BJP’s grand prelude to India 2019. Can Chief Minister Siddaramaiah contain the force?

Back to Their Old Games

Political compromises in Karnataka before this year’s General Election

Scramble to Meet the Deadline

Looking for greener pastures, MLAs move to rival parties as Karnataka gets set for Assembly polls

Yeddyurappa’s KJP

Will it take the Janata out of the BJP in Karnataka?


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