British imperialism

Blood in the Sand

A line drawn in Afghanistan which changed the history of the subcontinent forever

The Queen & Karim

An Indian Muslim in Victoria's court tells a larger story

Abdul Karim: On Her Majesty’s Service

In the court of Queen Victoria, Abdul Karim from Agra was more than an attendant

Gurinder Chadha: ‘The future will be bilingual and bicultural’

Gurinder Chadha brings a British Punjabi perspective to history

India’s Crisis of Representation

The diminished role of the parliamentarian

Haunted By the Nation

In Sugata Bose, the personal and the historical mix ineluctably even if the picture produced is too optimistic to be real

Dispatches from History

The lesser known sites of pivotal relevance to our national experience

The Other Mutiny: 1946 Naval Rebellion

Spare a thought for the heroes of the 1946 naval rebellion


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