The Modi Alchemy

PR Ramesh

He is still Hindutva’s flag-bearer and BJP’s winning plank

An Intractable Necessity

Why a Uniform Civil Code’s implementation remains improbable

TRS staves off BJP threat but saffron gains will worry KCR

BJP failed to win its third assembly by poll in the hotly contested Munugode seat but ran TRS close underlining its rise in Telangana even as the ruling regional party earned a welcome reprieve

Where Continuity is Change

In a break with tradition, incumbent BJP is confident of retaining power in Himachal Pradesh

The Limits of the Anti-Modi Plank

Narendra Modi and BJP are in a much stronger position today than in the run-up to 2019 as they head for state elections that will begin the contest for 2024

Points for Tharoor

He might be rewarded by the high command for his dignified contest

The Election Machine

A BJP plan for 2024 election

Pilot’s Choice

The BJP is believed to be in touch with several Congress leaders and considering whether it can get Pilot to switch sides and join the party

Raju Srivastava (1963-2022): The Everyman Comic

He had a large following across the working and rural classes

Hyderabad: Liberation or Integration Day?

The TRS and the BJP lock horns over 75 years of Operation Polo


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