The Violent Indian

Ullekh NP

Thomas Blom Hansen’s new book studies the widening gap between the goals of those at the helm and the rights enshrined in the Constitution. The author in conversation with Ullekh NP

A Political Transformation

For the first time, the BJP is on the cusp of creating history in West Bengal

An All-Inclusive Deal

Can social engineering and pre-poll sops help the AIADMK alliance return to power?

Can Metro Man Be Miracle Man?

Kerala needs to have capable, reputed and efficient leaders who have access to Central leaders. Sreedharan will be able to provide that link, whether he wins elections or not

The Surprise Successor?

BY Vijayendra, BS Yediyurappa’s son and the architect of unlikely bypoll victories, bides his time

The Mother of All Elections

A fierce do-or-die confrontation between the doughty Mamata Banerjee and the BJP

The Rites of Liberation

The Rites of Liberation The Modi government held its nerve and enhanced India’s faith in itself

Himanta Biswa Sarma: The Wizard of the Northeast

Lauded for his handling of the pandemic, Himanta Biswa Sarma has reinforced his image as BJP’s most dynamic face as Assam prepares for elections

Rampage at Red Fort

The tactic and the goal of the farmers’ protest were devious: ‘invade’ Delhi in such numbers that the government is forced to react violently

Protesting Too Much

Is Modi Derangement Syndrome at work?


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