Bhutto Dynasty

Still Searching for Nawaz Sharif

Mehr Tarar

A portrait of the fallen Pakistani leader in the words of others

Fatima Bhutto: ‘I like women who are not afraid to cut down giants’

The new novel by Fatima Bhutto returns to questions of identity and power. She talks to Shikha Kumar about the politics of imagination

Mohammed Hanif: ‘There is nothing left to satirise’

Mohammed Hanif’s new novel takes flight when a plane crashes. The author tells Nandini Nair why death is the only lover who does not betray her promise

The Bloody Biography of Change

By all accounts, India is not a factor in the election. Is this because the consensus on India is so strong across Pakistan’s political divides that no party gets extra mileage by wrapping the flag around itself?

Imran Khan and the Struggle for a New Pakistan

Imran Khan is hopeful of winning the Pakistani General Election on July 25th. Despite his legendary U-turns and his never-changing mantra of ‘me-myself-I’, there is one thing that remains unquestioned in an environment where corruption is a way of life: his financial integrity. He is many things but he is not corrupt. And Pakistan is everything for Imran Khan

Is the Law Identical for All?

Will the military establishment, said to be in cahoots with the Supreme Court, ever restrain itself from imposing its power in tacit and blatant ways? Will the ruling elites ever be properly checked for wealth beyond apparent means?

Dissecting a Dynasty

South Asian politics is the politics of the family. And never before have we got such a view from the inside. It’s what gives this book its wider relevance.


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