The Architecture of Atonement

TCA Raghavan

What Germany could teach Pakistan about admitting genocide

Memory as Metaphor

Magic realism meets history in this retelling of Bangladesh’s origins

Last Chance with Hasina

Her visit is an opportunity India cannot afford to miss

Rokeya Sultana: The Madonna Metaphor

The mysterious and the feminist come together on the canvas of Bangladeshi artist Rokeya Sultana

Fifty Shades Of Khaki

The real reason Pakistan banned Hamoodur Rehman’s report on the 1971 war

The “Second City of the Empire”

In terms of its reputation as a business destination, West Bengal has climbed down a slippery slope

The No-Go Zones of Assam

Behind the narrative of a rightwing government mistreating Muslims lies the reality of both indigenous Hindus and Muslims suffering at the hands of illegal immigrants

Bhakti as Resistance

The aesthetics of Indian politics VIII

From Dictators to Democrats

Zia-ul-Haq to Edward Heath, a journalist relives his meetings with power people


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