The Second Swaraj

Rajeev Deshpande

The Ram temple is now at the centre of the Hindu faith. It is a national calling

At Home With Ram

A god has returned and the man who dedicated him to India added a new chapter to his own legend

Ashok Singhal: Moving Spirit

Ashok Singhal was unperturbed by what people said about him, focused on his task

Places of Worship or Prisoners of War?

What is the right way to reclaim occupied dharmic sites?

The Proof of the Past

How historians like BB Lal brought the facts of Ayodhya to light

Rites of Ram’s Memory

Hindus reclaimed Ram Janmabhoomi because they had kept alive the memory of their loss for 500 years

The Ideal Hero

Ram as the sculptor of the Indian national character

Return to the Sacred City

A portrait of Ayodhya in the time of Ram

Mass of Faith

The significance of Dasharath's capital

Ram Mandir Heralds Rise of Confident India: Modi

The Ram temple offers inspiration for every section of society and marks the change in the kal chakra that should be seized, Prime Minister tells the nation


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