Assembly election

In Defence of One Nation One Election

Siddharth Singh

The economic benefits of simultaneous polls will be far-reaching

The Problem of Plenty

With too many commitments and contenders, Karnataka’s Congress government has to get its balancing act right

Cong wins big in Karnataka as BJP ‘double engine’ stalls

Grass roots anger over price rise, factional frictions hurt BJP while Congress gains by exploiting incumbency and focussing on local discontent.

Power Is a Campaign

It takes a Modi to make a regional election a compelling argument for India

Karnataka: It’s All In the Numbers

BJP hopes the state budget and strategically targeted schemes will help it retain power in Karnataka

Confident Campaigner

BJP is certain it will win the multi-cornered contest in Tripura while it seeks to expand its footprint in Meghalaya and Nagaland

A Home Run for 2024

Modi’s attack on freebies and his emphasis on development-cum-welfare will define the BJP campaigns for the upcoming Assembly elections

Planning Smart

Looking for ways to beatincumbency, caste mobilisation and organisational rejigs seem to be part of BJP’s strategy

Pushkar Singh Dhami: Being Bold on Civil Code

Pushkar Singh Dhami’s decision to formulate uniform personal laws in Uttarakhand conveys an unambiguous message but comes with its own challenges

Akhilesh Yadav and the Limits of Vote Banks

Has the Samajwadi Party’s dependence on Muslim-Yadav support distanced other sections of the electorate?


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