A Monumental Correction

Rajeev Deshpande

The PMEAC report concludes that a quarter of the monuments tagged as sites of national importance may not deserve such a listing

A Future for History

The digital museum of epigraphy will make the past interesting and accessible to everyone

The Public Archaeologist

In this account of MN Deshpande, the late iconic chief of ASI, Nayanjot Lahiri surpasses her own high standards in history writing

Save the Badrinath Temple from ‘Beautification’

The government must realise that the proposed move is ‘adharmic’ and against all that the shrine stands for

Hold Your Horses

The horse scenes in the film Mohenjo Daro reignite the political debate on the civilisational ancestry of Indians

On a Harappan quest

Could a village in Haryana have been the ancient civilisation’s very first settlement?

Gold Fables

From dead kings who come riding at night to snakes that guard hidden treasure, all the myths come tumbling out in the village of Daundiya Kheda as the ASI looks for 1,000 tonnes of gold

People Laughing at Themselves

Ye living under a star sign: throw not stones at someone’s dream of hidden gold

Secret of the Raj

A mysterious chamber has been found in what was once Warren Hastings’ house in Kolkata.

Whose Dome Is It Anyway?

Some of Delhi’s protected monuments seem to have reopened for worship. The law is clear on the violations, but the lawmakers are not.


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