Arvind Kejriwal

After Rahul Who?

No Media | Surprise to the Speaker | Finding the CM Face | Rational Security | Press Archive | Staying In


Congress says no to AAP alliance; new TV channels and Balakot


Names without surnames and Ashok Row, the original warrior for equality


The inimitable Vajpayee

Couch Protest in Delhi

Chief Minister Kejriwal retreats from a losing battle

A Sorry Figure

More canary than parrot | What Rahul wants | Some like it hot

Narendra Modi: Optimum Power

The undiminished popularity of Narendra Modi and the unmatched organisational skills of Amit Shah have made BJP India’s natural party of governance. Is India closer than ever to one-party dominance?

The Pull of Realpolitik

On the future of AAP after three years of ruling Delhi

An Unlikely Hero

Kejriwal was not even their first choice. The documentary makers of the AAP moment tell Omkar Khandekar what made them zero in on the Insignificant Man


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