Arvind Kejriwal

Shah Steps In

Amita Shah

As Delhi loses control of the crisis, its Chief Minister sees sense in joining hands with the Centre

Bengal Conundrum

If the Centre were to postpone elections in Bihar with Nitish Kumar, its ally, continuing on as caretaker Chief Minister, can it opt for another route in Bengal?

The K Factor

How Arvind Kejriwal evolved as a politician to lead his party to another landslide in Delhi

Hanuman: The God That Worked

If the test of a deity is in his efficacy, then you know who won this round in the Delhi elections

AAP’s Return

How Delhi has changed in character over the years

Last Leg

Home Minister Amit Shah’s new strategy for Delhi elections

Who Will Reap the Capital Storm?

The verdict on Delhi hinges on changing voter demographics and anti-CAA protests

Sweet Surrender

A ‘halwa’ ceremony, a practice that has its roots in British times

Kejriwal’s Fake Record

The streetsmart AAP boss relies on the proverbial short memory of the people


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