Arvind Kejriwal

A Grand Launch


The roads leading to Rashtrapati Bhavan on Sunday evening, June 9, were jammed with vehicles as thousands of attendees made their way to the swearing-in ceremony of Modi 3.0

Welfare for All

Modi has drawn a fresh line on the polarisation debate

Cyber Communities

Where everyone has acquired the facility of being heard

Naveen Babu’s Dual Conch

In a play on the Bharatiya Janata Party’s “dual engine sarkar”, the BJD veteran sought the support of voters for the “dual shanko” (conch shells)

BJP’s Manifesto Surprise

The contrast from the populist promises in the Congress manifesto could not be starker

Hydra-Headed Alliance

The public recriminations over seat sharing could well mean that instead of hanging separately, they will now hang together

Battleground Delhi

The Delhi BJP unit is convinced the AAP leader being sent to jail for the liquor policy scam is its best opportunity to turn the tables on a formidable adversary

Benefits of a Beer Campaign

And hammering home the truth about Congress

The Kejriwal Meltdown

The arrest of the AAP leader and the unravelling of alternative politics

National Discourse

The ruling party seems to have won half the battle without a vote being cast


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